Fellows, Morton and Clayton

From time to time we have vacancies for part time staff and occasionally for full time staff.


Previous experience, while welcome, is not essential. We will provide the necessary training. You will provide the necessary aptitude and attitude. Working on a busy bar can be a demanding job.


It is always best if you arrange to visit us in person and bring a CV (curriculum vitae) with you.


It is a good idea to write something yourself rather than copy it from Google. Google CV's are normally obvious as we have seen them all before. Make them relevant. If you are looking for a bar job we are not that interested in your fantastic C++ programming skills.


If you say you are really well organised and then when we call you have no idea who we are it doesn't look great.


If you list some form of English grammar as a qualification and then have no idea how to use capital letters and punctuation, that doesn't look too clever either.


We are in the food, drink and hospitality business. Personal hygiene is important. Appearing polite and friendly creates a good impression as well.


We look forward to meeting you.







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