Fellows, Morton and Clayton
Real Ales
We have up to 9 Real Ales on hand pull. We try to maintain a balance of National and Local Ales as well as a balance of styles and flavours.
We are Cask Marque approved. Every 6 months Cask Marque turn up unannounced and choose 6 beers. We give them a pint of each and they assess them for Temperature, Appearance, Aroma and Taste. Every pint must score at least 16 out of 20 to pass the inspection.
There is no truth in the rumour that the Cask Marque inspectors, René Descartes (I drink therefore I am) and Aristotle, are drunkards who just go around drinking free beer all day.
At Fellows we tend to talk about Quality, Consistency, Flavour and Character. Something like Fosters Lager will have quality and consistency but perhaps not too much flavour or character. A good Real Ale will have all 4. Due to the way Real Ale is made, consistency can be hard to achieve. During the year there may be slight variations in colour and flavour - consistent flavour reflects the skill of the brewer. There will always be an abundance of Quality, Flavour and Character in a good Real Ale.
Regular Real Ales
London Pride - Fullers
Tribute - St Austell
Proper Job - St Austell
Landlord - Timothy Taylor
Black Sheep Bitter
Plum Porter - Titanic
Extra Pale Ale (EPA) - Nottingham Brewery
Heavenly Blonde - Oldershaws